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Amma – New Malayalam Television Mega Serial On Asianet – Story, Star Cast, Telecast Time, Online Streaming VIdeos

New Malayalam Television Mega Serial On Asianet – Amma Launching Today (2nd January 2011)

Amma Serial
Asianet Television Mega Serial

Amma, A New Malayalam Mega Serial Starting 2nd January 2011 at 9.00 P.M On Asianet. Sreekala Sasidharan,Archana Suseelan, Malavika (Mammootty The Best Actor Award Winner) are in Lead Roles. Its The Malayalam Version of The Bengali Serial ” Maa ” Which Is Telecasting On Star Jalsha Channel. Within short period serial become popular and listed at top position in trp charts. Asianet successfully complete the show and Planning to launch Ammayariyathe soon. Leading Actress Asha Sharath introduced the promo, it will start very soon expected at 8.30 P.m slot.

Online Episodes

Show finished after crossing 1000+ episodes, Asianet no Longer using YouTube channel for uploading videos online. Hotstar App can be used for the same, If you are already installed the same open it and Search for “Amma”. Episode 1 was about the character Lekshmi thinks of the day her daughter, Ponnu, went missing. She calls her name and begins to look for her all over the house, but Sharath seizes Lekshmi and brings her back to reality.

Old Videos of Serial Amma
Old Online Videos of Asianet Serials

Watch This Serial On Asianet Every Monday to Friday at 9.00 P.M on Asianet. There Will be a Time Change for the Serial Kumkumapoo.

Update – This serial changed it’s telecast time several times, Currently airing on Asianet Every Monday To Saturday at 7.00 P.M.

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58 thoughts on “Amma – New Malayalam Television Mega Serial On Asianet – Story, Star Cast, Telecast Time, Online Streaming VIdeos”

  1. Dear Asianet

    This is a kind request from a very SENiOR CITTIZEN The serial AMMA is really misleading ,.The younger generation , especially young school – going children will defenitely have a tendency to imitate the children in the serial . Why give temptations to encourage the kids to make easy mony by pick- pocketing ?It is better that the serial be stopped with immediate effect . A very popular CHANNEL like ASIANET should not telecast such serials

    Thanks A Welwisher

    • Amma serial would be pernicious to the society as well as to the growing children. Are the family members of Lakshmi, Vinayan et al fools to sort out a paltry thing in a prudent manner? Ridiculous serial – misleading the people – not giving any creative message and in short the director-script writer-producer have been making the viewers fools. They must be thinking that still the people were viewing the serial, but it is not because of the interest, but to ascertain how much damage they are making to the society. It also depicts the inefficiency of the police, Kerala Police are not that much fools i strongly believe. Police department should also take steps to halt the serial being telecast in Asia net at the cost of their credibility.

        • AMMA serial … forced to watch as it is my Mom time to see TV.
          ASIANET please look for another serial for this time slot. Too much greed is not good!!!

    • AMMA serial has so many people who are shown suddenly vanished. Important people like Dr. Hari, 1 servant girl, A rich lady does not remember even once to speak to him, Rahul too does not please to talk to that Doctor who was the CMO. Akilesh & Wife literally robbed & were cruel with that Lady Laxmi… to-day it is forgotten, a theft of 6.5 cr is too for gotten, A forged signature by a youngster , Meenakshi fooling the Rich lady for a signature on a POA. Sorry, my Mom is 75 requires 1 hour of TV so I have to be patient …

  2. Ammakilli serial has become nonsense as of late. They have ruined the portrayal of the so called “Bella” making us feel like giving her a kick each time she tussles her hair and acts like a psycho..I think its being overdone….too much overacting from the character of Bella’s , rest of the cast is perfect….its terror watching the serial being dragged like this…

    • OMG!!! I must say that the Director , Story writer & etc has completely lost it. 28 feb 2014 episode the WORST. Unbelievable , I just can’t digest Heeramma stealing cash for PONNu & that too RAhul is allowed to see the theft.
      Next, Why is Chinno asking Heeramma for Cash help, doesn’t she know that her money will be from illgotten ways , which Chinnoo always disapproves.
      why is Chinoo allowed to listen to the bull shit of Meenakshi, is she dumb. Imagine Meenakshi grabbing her hands, Chinnoo should be shown in a different light.
      R u all dragging it for a end at 2016 or 2017 or maybe 2020 show her real mom at 80 and chinoo at 60.

  3. Please dont make these chinnu and her family acting as such an idiots. serial story getting worst day by day.dont think that audience have same standards to digest this .pls…
    .i stopped to watch anyway. so boring ……

  4. Nice story but lakshmi and chinnu are behaving like fools. To know who chinnu’s parents are lakshmi helped a criminal like heera to escape from jail. She should have known that heera will only cause troubles for everyone.

    Now it is very boring.Asianet you will loose your viewers.So please make a happy ending fast

  5. A promiscuous serial with the director, script writer, producer finding no way for its denouement. The actors/actresses are also bemused over the unrelated conversations. I believe they are also fed-up which was discernible from their acting/dialogue presentation etc. No related link of the dialogues meant for the characters. Would Rs.50 lakhs vanish sans any finality? Anu accompanied by two jawans comes to the stipulated place with Rs.50 lakhs and Chinnu comes there… so many drama took place and chinnu vanished with Rs.50 lakhs – anu allows it, the two jawans remain as silent spectator- Notwithstanding, the family is arranging Rs.50 lakhs and giving it just like that without any plan and program —ha ha ha- very interesting. Here Police…. what is for them…any how congratulations director, script writer- producer – if u people have such kind of 100 serials – telecast immediately – let the people enjoy them –

  6. Heeramma has become above Police. She is behaving in Police station in such a manner that Police could do nothing against her especially in such a state like Kerala. Police could bring out the truth from Heeramma by using their own methods, which Lakshmi would also be knowing. All the family members who were worried about Chinnu, are educated and they should be knowing the fact that DNA test could prove the relationship of Chinnu with Laxmi and if the thing is like this, why should the educated people hesitate to carry out that. The director wanted to drag the serial as much as possible by be-fooling the viewers. Let him enjoy by making such ridiculous serials… poor and helpless viewers… what to do.

  7. By watching this serial no one will feel sympathy towards that stupid chinnu and her extremely stupid mother.Why can’t lakshmi realize her own daughter?Why deepu and indhu cannot tell all the truth to everyone?No one knows about a DNA test.Subadra thinks she is a queen and all the decisions are taken by women in the house. It is unbelievable that it is the house of an educated family of a retired judge.the police is not dumb.Had heera not told that meenakshi is not ponnu she would have lived as ponnu forever in poomankalam. All the characters are fools.Ambika thinks chinnu , a little girl as her enemy. Rekha wants chinnu to be killed.The director thinks the viewers are fools and would watch the serial no matter what all senseless things they will show and would pray for the idiot chinnu.It was good in the beginnig but after the arrival of meenakshi it became the worst.please make some improvement and make it interesting to watch.

  8. the director of serial amma is just dragging the story by repeating the same things again and again.The story has really become ridiculous . how can a 10 year old child can have this much maturity? how this much big educated women like ambika hate this little child? why those educated people of that house did not conduct dna test?

    NOW lekshmi and family members realised that chinnu is their ponnu . but the danced which relieved she was ponnu was already performed by her in her school program before . what story? and also when family members realised that chinnu is their ponnu if some flashback seen is shown it would have been marvelous

    but advt shows that major twist is coming by again introducing heerama and ponnu is going to suffer. sure that everybody will stop watching it…..
    if ponnu relieves everything that meenakshi , ambika and deepu knows everything and

    if they get rid of ambika and meenakshi from home and good things start happening for ponnu and bad things for cruels , sure the serial will be success.

    • yes.Why Ambika is thinking that ponnu is her enemy ? In one episode she said to meenakshi ‘ aval ponnu annennu ellavarum arinjal athinte dosham enikkum koodi aanu’.
      I really can’t understand, what harm did chinnu do to Ambika? Hard to believe she is the sister of a retired judge. she has no sense.
      And where is deepu? he should reveal that he stole appu’s locket .Every characters are stupid.Even children know about DNA test.Vinayan was the only normal person.but now he has also proved that he is an idiot.
      this serial is the remake of hindi serial meri maa. but it didnt run for even 100 episodes. deepu reveals everything to the family and no character called meenakshi arrives.asianet is not a good channel , from last year everyday it gets negative comments to stop the serial.asianet is only focusing on channel rating and not on the viewers interest. majority people watch in expectation that this is going to end.but the serial is being dragged continuosly like ente manasaputhri .(even that was better).

  9. the director of serial amma is just dragging the story by repeating the same things again and again.The story has really become very boring one . how can a 10 year old child can have this much maturity? how this much big educated women like ambika hate this little child? why those educated people of that house did not conduct dna test?and the main other problem is that all of the actors allways talking by themself,,that is also very boringggggg…….so pls avoid this type of mistakes……….otherwise no one will not see your serial….that will be true…….
    a welwisher

    • Please stop this boring serial .At first I used to warch this serial after few months it started becoming so stupid that now whenever i see this serial I would change the channel
      .whoever the director is please stop this stupid serial and I have a question for the director how many mothers does chinnu have

      • Oh My God , Actually the people are fools or Silly or loves to watch anything.
        Dr. Hari is sacked …A WILL torn in front of a trusted Advocate, a forged sign by a young boy, Fooled signature by Meenakshi on POA, police is shown as silly, 2 lawyers 1 judge stays calm, mobile really not required by chinoo and her laxmi ammai. No one in Hospital knows Akiliesh or can smell a bad apple.
        stop, pls stop making a hash of a serial.

  10. Pls end this serial as soon as possible.we can’t digest this negative improvement.please make fast positive improvement.always the negative roles are winning.what is this?so boring.

  11. all those who are involved in amma serial are extremely stupid……

    don’t please make a nice story to such an idiotic one……

    i beg u to stop this

  12. at first lakshmi loves chinnu,then hates then again loves and so on…..

    she cannot understand her own daughter…..what a story?????!!!!!!!

  13. Pls stop this boaring serial. . . . Njangal audience ne ellavareyum fool akkunnathano?
    Swantham makalanenu paranjit ath thirichariyatha ethelum ammamar e lokathu kanumo? Chinnu vinte acting kurach over ayi pokunund. Pls stop this serial. . . . .

  14. This serial director,producer and script director are in the deep sea without knowing where to navigate. They are really torturing the viewers. Asianet should know that they are forcing the viewers to the other channels. such serials are a curse to viewers. Please the story line or stop the telecast. other wise we will be forced to switch to other channels during this time slot.

  15. The Script must change for a quick end by revealing the Evil deeds of Meenakshi, Aunt, Akilesh, Wife …. by inviting Dr. Hari. The Rich Laxmi’s eye treatment is of no importance, also a mobile is not important, She can go and find out who released Ponnu from Jail. expose Meenakshi.
    ASIANET Please spare the viewers of their time waste. Find another good story writer for a maximum 100 episodes.

  16. The audience became fool day by day by watching amma serial .i really ashame about the mallu serials like amma.There is no negative reaction towards the ugly activities of meenakshi.Is it promote negative incidents always?.what is the aim of director and script writer?situations always promote negative incidents,very bad.please make very fast &positive end.

  17. This serial is the Malayalam Version of The Bengali Serial ” Maa ” Which Is Telecasting On Star Jalsha Channel. Maa serial has reached till 1377 episodes till now . malayalam serial has only reached 601 episodes till now , athu kondu thanne ee serial ee aduthu onnum avasanikkilla ennu manasillakkam

  18. Dear Asianet,
    Its a request from one of your viewers… plz don’t make serials this much complicated… other wise plz stop this…. its too boring these days… and mothers should not be cruel like this…. its toooooooooooo boringggggggg…. make us lose our tempor….

  19. I am really stunned by the silly script of AMMA, a big wedding by a Rich lady and no invitation for Dr. Hari ex CMO. A Brutal fraud by Meenakshi , the actual mom of Chinoo & appachi. Rahul sees the face of Meenakshi before putting the Garland but stays calm & continues with his action , rather than revolting!!! Heeramma screams for the actual mom to appear but she doesn’t , why there is no dialogue pertinent to actual daughter – Mom by heeramma. Why is Dipu still silent in such a big marriage fraud, where is the real brother at the wedding of chinnoo . Why no Muarattam was not checked by a GOD FEARING mom who decides Meenakshi in-lieu of Chinoo?
    Please stop fooling the viewers.

  20. Eventually my presumption became true. Poomangalam tharavattukar has been knowingly or unknowingly deceiving Rahul’s mother by listening to the cock and bull stories of Meenakshi. And Poomangalam Lakshmi completed it by belying the expectation of Rahul’s mother without thinking its consequences i.e. the damage that would cause to Poomangalam tharavadu et al. Can Lakshmi of Poomangalam expect the other Lakshmi to accept Meenakshi as her daughter-in-law. What a story. If the script writer/director do not know how to conclude, I can help them by prudently and convincingly ending the story. very good. very good. aaha.

  21. llOMG!!! AMMA Serial reay bad, the Prod, Dir & star cast are laughing their way to the Bank. There is absolutely no relevance , No context to many occurence. That Girl Chinoo is shown as the EPITOME OF SCARIFICE. I cannot imagine a fraud in matrimony & the Boy does not open his eye , neither Akilesh nor the rest feel that Meenakshi must have cooked up something wicked ….No Muharattam , No Name of Meenakshi and Rahul is checked. No Important guest. Dr. Hari… has vanished , yesterday even chinoo’s Bro was missing. Heeramma is not allowed to speak the Truth. That chinoo , even to-day feels Meenakshi is good … please show one last scene that Chinoo is dead. So end of story. Terrible waste of time, hello I am forced to share the TV set with my Mom. Since, a month
    even my Mom is upset at the way the story is moving . Very boring… only one sided.
    Make a movie on this … people know that in 3 hrs it will be over or leave at Interval.

  22. The serial AMMA stands against the very concept of amma in everybody’s mind.Asianet is scratching the very bottom of viewer’s patience.The soul of Late Baskaran master will feel ashamed to see the plight of the channel he created twenty years back

  23. Day by day making people idiots. please conclude the story by helping lakshmi to idntify her ponnu and get lost with her. Every body in a seriel are fools. or the director is the big fool and the people seeing the same is the biggest fools.

  24. ITZ A DEEP REQUEST…….PLZ STOP this serial….. viewers are not fools to see this serial. wot stupidity z going on with this serial????????????????????

  25. The one and only one serial in asianet is amma. doesn’t have twist or turn…. always negative roles are winning. is it possible in real life…? far removed from reality…..tooooooooooooooooo boring

  26. Amma serial has become such a nuisance now a days.In this only the ones doing wrong wins and the good ones looses every time.This serial gives a bad impression to all its viewers.At first i really liked this serial,but now it is becoming really worse.As this serial is having this much supporters why can’t it be done in a better way?Than making the wrong doing ones win every time

  27. Pls comment original name or full name of the new character name meena (Lakshmi Daughter In amma).

  28. amma was very bad firstly.
    but now by the enrtry of rahul onwards good.
    i am thinking rahul is loving chinnu. it will be more interest when rahul says that 2chinnu

  29. hm…. at last…. they are ready to do DNA test…… but…. as usual if dat Meenakshi z going to win…….. all d viewers will stop watching dat serial…. but…. if gonna good…. den…. d most good story z of amma’s…………
    Itz glad 2 knw dat asianet z taking concern abt d cmmntz f viewers…… 🙂

  30. Dear Asia net,
    You have always kept a quality in your programs.I appreciates the recognition and respect you giving for your actors.keeping the same respect for the interesting programs I request you,Kindly stop this Amma serial.The twist and turns you brought in last three years is of very low quality.
    To the director, producer and all actors in the serial
    Please read Shakespeare’s plays and not possible search net.These plays can be seen in net too.
    A humble last request please don’t kill,the indian drama Heritage.

  31. can u pls stop this serial as soon as possible ,very bad story,
    the director of serial amma is just dragging the story by repeating the same things again and again.The story has really become very boring one .

  32. hai,Amma serial became a story of some strangers,,,,,,,,,where is amma and ponnu……..its going behind a group of new people…..where are they?ponnu and her amma,,,without them,what is the meaning of the title…..its just :alukale pottanmarakuva…..atleast link them also in the story………….

  33. It seems that Asianet will get a Guinness World Record for Amma Serial for the casting (total number of people appeared) + Wold’s one and only idiotic story……OMG..!!!!! Santosh Pandit is far better…!!!!!!


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