Amrita Television creates Television History in Kerala by Adding Films Friday evenings

Malayalam Films Friday evenings at Amrita Television

Amrita Television

Amrita Television revamps its telecast schedule to introduce the latest blockbusters in Malayalam films into the prime time slot of 7 pm on Friday evenings .Though prime time movies may be a regular feature of national television networks, it is for the first time in the history of Malayalam Main Channel Television that a film is being released into the hallowed, high profile prime time blocks.

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Customer feedback had earlier indicated that that most viewers prefer a memorable cinema entertainer to the staple stuff on a Friday evening ; this daring departure from staid routine based on the feedback is paying rich dividends with more and more viewers tuning in at Friday 7 pm. About two years ago, Amrita TV revolutionized scheduling history by introducing reality shows into serial entrenched slots, showing the guts to wean away a population in danger of sinking in tearjerkers. Amrita Television new programming initiative has historians reaching for their quills in a hurry , as History was being made –again.

By switching to the more professional National TV timings of Monday-Thursday and re-organising the programme mix slotted for Friday prime time, Friday evenings are left free from soaps and serials, for 3 hours of non-stop cinematic entertainment that climaxes over dinner. Moreover, this slotting is tailor made for the huge Malayalee Diaspora spread across the Middle East , for whom Friday is a holiday and a movie the ideal way to round off a week end.

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Sound bites from the artistes of the film, the actors, director, cameramen, etc on their experiences during the making of the movie , will intersperse the telecast. The cinemas that are lined up for ‘Friday release’ are the best in every genre, handpicked from Amrita TV’s their vast archives , most so new the negatives are still in mint condition . Hereafter in Kerala, Monday morning blues will become a thing of the past – because there are always Friday Super Movies to look forward to.

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