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Amrita Television Movie Schedule 2018 October – List of Films with telecast timing

October 2018 Amrita Television Movie Schedule

Here is the list of film airing 2018 october month, amrita television movie schedule contains classic films, action movies, comedy films, family movies etc. they are including black and white films also in the list, other channels not doing the same. Amrita tv have a strong film library now, renewed many films from other channels. suresh gopi films, mammootty films, mohanlal films etc included in the list. Karunyam, Commissioner, Lion, Saraswathi Sapadam, Arayannangalude Veedu, Kadhaveedu, Dhruvam, Diliwala Rajakumaran, Aadyathe Kanmani, Indraprastam, Iruttinte Athmavu etc are some of the movies.

List of films on Amrita tv

Date Film Name
1/10/2018 Superman
2/10/2018 Hallo
3/10/2018 Thalasthanam
4/10/2018 Pearl View
5/10/2018 Aadaminte Variyellu
6/10/2018 Aarya
7/10/2018 Up & Down Mukalil Oralundu, Kaliyattom
8/10/2018 Kabuliwala
9/10/2018 Ee Ganam Marakkumo
10/10/2018 Ee Thanutha Veluppankalathu
11/10/2018 Padmavyuham
12/10/2018 Kutty Shrank
13/10/2018 Poyimaranju Parayathe
14/10/2018 Dhoore Dhoore Oru Koodukoottam, Vargam
15/10/2018 Welcome to Kodaikanal
16/10/2018 Karunyam
17/10/2018 Commissioner
18/10/2018 Lion
19/10/2018 Saraswathi Sapadam
20/10/2018 Arayannangalude Veedu
21/10/2018 Kadhaveedu, Dhruvam
22/10/2018 Diliwala Rajakumaran
23/10/2018 Aadyathe Kanmani
24/10/2018 Indraprastam
25/10/2018 Iruttinte Athmavu
26/10/2018 Gramam
27/10/2018 Pallavoor Devanarayanan
28/10/2018 Hitler, Mele Waryathe Malakhakuttikal
29/10/2018 Pidakozhikoovunna Noottandu
30/10/2018 Kudumba Vartakal
31/10/2018 Vargam
October 2018 Amrita Television Movie Schedule
Kadhaveedu Movie
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