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Anuraga Ganam Pole Serial Telling the Story of Sumi (Kavitha) and Giri (Prince)

Star Cast of Anuraga Ganam Pole Serial, Telecast Time, Launch Date

Anuraga Ganam Pole Serial Online
അനുരാഗ ഗാനം പോലെ സീരിയല്‍ സീ കേരളം ചാനലില്‍ ഏപ്രിൽ 17നു ആരംഭിക്കുന്നു – രാത്രി 9 മണിക്ക്

Popular Malayalam entertainment channel Zee Keralam is launching its new daily serial Anuraga Ganam Pole starring Kerala Television State Award Winner – Kavitha Nair as a 35 year old unmarried lady Sumitha Chandran alongside new face – Prince as an obese 45 year old businessman Giridhar Nambiar. The serial begins telecast on April 17th at 9 PM from Monday to Friday.

‘Any audience member of any age watching the show will not question the ‘logic’ of Anuraga Ganam Pole’ says Kavitha Nair, lead protagonist of the serial launching on Zee Keralam at 9 PM on April 17th


Kavitha Nair as Sumi
Kavitha Nair as Sumi

Anuraga Ganam Pole tells the story of Sumi (Kavitha Nair) and Giri (Prince) who in their respective lives have sacrificed everything for their respective families and have received no love or gratitude in return. While being outwardly positive and happy, both the characters yearn for love and affection and are somewhat lonely in their own, very different worlds.

While Giri is a rich businessman with an elite taste for life, Sumi is a kind hearted, strong girl with values from a normal middle class family. Not knowing that they share many similarities, Sumi & Giri’s first meeting ends up in a huge fight with no resolution in sight. Whether these characters move past their initial differences and connect on a deeper level in the core of Anuraga Ganam Pole, a subtle but deep love story.

Kavitha Nair

Speaking about her role in the show, Kavitha Nair said, ‘I’m very fortunate that I have got all my best performances and best shows on Television. Among the many stories I have heard over the years and the projects I have been approached to do; Anuraga Ganama Pole has one of the most ‘logical’ storylines. Any audience member of any age watching the show will not question the ‘logic’ of Anuraga Ganam Pole and Sumitha Chandran.’

Prince as Giri
Prince as Giri

The KK Rajeev directorial will portray a love story that blossoms a little later in age than usual and shows the intricacies that rise from falling in love after the age of 35.
Some of the noted cast members in the serial include Balachandran Chullikkad, Priya Menon, Nitha Promi and Jaseela Parveen. Anuraga Ganam Pole premieres on Zee Keralam on April 17th Monday, at 9 PM and will telecast from Monday to Friday.

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