Asianet Schedule Change from 19 December – Dancing Stars Short Version at 10:30 PM

Swanthawnam Repeat at 11:30 PM, Asianet Schedule Changes

Asianet Schedule Updated
All Malayalam TV Serials

Dancing Stars Short Version Original at 10:30 PM, Repeat Telecast at 05:00 PM, Star Singer Junior Plus at 11:00 PM (ഏഷ്യാനെറ്റ് ഷെഡ്യൂൾ), Swanthawnam Repeat at 11:30 PM Are the Asianet Schedule Changes. We Have Updated Here About the Christmas 2022 Programs of the Channel, MalayanKunju, Nna Thaan Case Kodu Are the Xmas Premiers.

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Asianet Today Schedule

Time (IST) Program Name
06:00 A:M Sabaritheertham 2022
06:05 A:M Kannante Radha
06:30 A:M Serial – Swami Ayyappan
07:00 A:M Comedy Stars – Compiled Version
07:30 A:M Comedy Stars – Compiled Version
08:00 A:M Serial – Nammal
08:30 A:M Serial – Thoovalsparsham
09:00 A:M Serial – Santhwanam
09:30 A:M Malayalam Feature Film
10:00 A:M Malayalam Feature Film
11:30 A:M Malayalam Feature Film
12:30 A:M Serial – Paadatha Painkili
01:00 P:M Santhwanam
01:30 P:M Palunku
02:00 P:M Nammal Repeat in Asianet Schedule
02:30 P:M Mounaragam
03:00 P:M Sasneham
03:30 P:M Kudumbavilakku
04:00 P:M Amma Ariyaathe
04:30 P:M Koodevide
05:00 P:M Dancing Stars S1 (Short Version)
05:30 P:M Star Singer Junior 3 ( Short Version)
06:00 P:M Thoovalsparsham
06:30 P:M Sasneham
07:00 P:M Santhwanam
07:30 P:M Amma Ariyaathe Repeat in Asianet Schedule
08:00 P:M Kudumbavilakku
08:30 P:M Mounaragam
09:00 P:M Nammal
09:30 P:M Koodevide
10:00 P:M Paadatha Painkili
10:30 P:M Dancing Stars Season 1 (Short Version)
11:00 P:M Star Singer Junior 3 Plus
11:30 P:M Santhwanam Repeat in Asianet Schedule
Nna Than Case Kodu Movie Premier
Nna Than Case Kodu Movie Premier

Asianet Movie Listing

Date 09:30 A:M 00:00 A:M 03:30 A:M
19 December (Monday) Karyasthan Darling Darling Madhuranombarakkattu
20 December (Tuesday) Manichithrathazhu Vamanapuram Bus Route HoneyBee
21 December (Wednesday) Vettam Passenger Maniyarakkallan
22 December (Thursday Bangalore Days In Harihar Nagar Robinhood
23 December (Friday) N/A Happy Husbands Parava
24 December – Saturday
08:30 A:M Twenty One Grams
02:30 P:M Marakkar – Arabikkadalinte Simham
10:00 P:M One
01:00 A:M Action Hero Biju
03:30 A:M Pappi Appacha
25 December – Sunday
09:30 A:M Minnal Murali
01:30 P:M Bro Daddy
04:30 P:M Malayan Kunju
07:00 P:M Nna Thaan Case Kodu
10:00 P:M Laitham Sundharam
00:30 A:M Ivar Vivahitharayal
03:30 A:M Ottakkoru Kamukan
Asianet Christmas Premier Movies
Asianet Christmas Premier Movies
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