Asianet TRP Have any change after Rajith Kumar’s Suspension from Bigg Boss Malayalam 2

What will happen to Asianet TRP if Rajith Kumar’s Fans boycott the show Bigg Boss 2

Dr. Rajith Kumar was one of the top contestants of asianet reality show bigg boss malayalam season 2. he earned many fans through the program and received support from his fans all over. Recently he suspended from bbm2 due to unethical behavior on another contestant. Rajath fans getting angry and started searching asianet trp and bigg boss rating performance. Show completed it’s 71th episode yesterday, it’s supposed have 100+ days with other contestants. Fans started campaigns to watch ningalkkum aakam kodeeswaran 5 instead of bbm2, interestingly nak 5 reached it’s final episodes.

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asianet trp data
rating reports of malayalam gec channels

barc trp

it’s not an instant process, if you are not watching the show or switching back to other program will reflect channel total point. but will get the data after few days, barc is the medium publishing channel rating reports. latest report published this friday (normally on thursday, due to holy it’s postponed) week 10 trp will be publish on 19th of March. Means next week data is 7th march to 13th march, that means Rajith Kumar suspension related issues will not reflect in week 10. You need to wait again 1 week for getting the asianet trp data, they are the industry leader with more than 1000 points.

Dr Rajith Kumar
ഡോ. രജിത് കുമാര്‍

bigg boss 2 malayalam getting 11-12 points every week, kudumba vilakku and vaanambady are the popular programs on the channel.

asianet trp data

9 8 7 6
1008 1034 987 1021

Vanambadi – 15.2
Kudumba vilakku – 15.2
Mounaragam – 12.8
Kasthooriman – 11.6
Neelakuyil – 10.5
Seetha kalyanam – 8.1
Pournami thinkal – 3.6

Chances are few for these incidents affect total trp points of asianet because, they are far away than others in total. around 1000 is asianet’s weekly score, second player getting under 300 and barc measuring devices are not attached to everybody. it’s a sample data like election survey’s and serials are the back bone of asianet. any way Rajith kumar fans wait upto week 11 for the final results.

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1 thought on “Asianet TRP Have any change after Rajith Kumar’s Suspension from Bigg Boss Malayalam 2”

  1. It is quite unfortunate and unfair on the part of BB team to terminate Dr. From the show. What he has done only what he has been asked to do. When I was a child, I faced greater than this incident. If you want to suspend someone you have the right to do so. Here instead of public interest, you have acted according to the will and pleasure of one contestant. From this we understand that the show is decided.


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