BBS5 – 24*7 Live Streaming Now Available at Disney+Hotstar Application – Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 24*7 Live Streaming Started on Hotstar – BBS5

BBS5 - 24*7 Live
BBS5 – 24*7 Live

Live Streaming is One of The Highlight of Past Seasons of Bigg Boss Show, BBS5 – 24*7 Now Started Through Disney+Hotstar App. The Show Launched on 26th March With 18 Celebrity and a Commoner Contestant. BBS5 – 24X7 Stream , LIVE BBS5 – 24X7 Stream Malayalam This is a deferred stream. Tune in for uninterrupted drama, unexpected twists and unlimited entertainment straight from the Bigg Boss house.

  • Bigg Boss Season 6 24*7 Live Streaming on Disney+Hotstar, Launching on 10th March – Mohanlal Hosting The Show

Reneesha Rahiman, Rinosh George, Cerena Ann Johnson , Sobha Viswanath, Sagar Surya, Vishnu Joshi, Angeline Mariya, Sridevi Menon, Junaiz VP​, Akhil Marar, Anjuz Rosh, Maneesha K S, Aniyan Midhun, Nadira Mehrin, Aishwarya Suresh, Shiju Abdul Rasheed, Sruthi Lakshmi , Gopika Gopi are the Participants in the House.

Malayalam Bigg Boss Season 6
Malayalam Bigg Boss Season 6


Bigg Boss Asked the Contestants to Select and Save Others for Nominations, Aishwarya Suresh Selected Rinosh George for Eviction, While Director Akhil Marar Saved Shiju Abdul Rasheed from the List. Angeline Mariya Saved Nadira Mehrin, Aniyan Midhun also Uses His Chance to Save the Bigg Boss Contestant Maneesha KS. Anjuz Rosh Saved Reneesha Rahiman from the Nomination, Cerena Ann Johnson Used His Chance to Evict Gopika Gopi From the Show. Junaiz VP Saved Sobha Viswanath and Maneesha KS Saved Sagar Surya Fro eviction, Nadira Mehrin Selected to Evict Aniyan Midhun.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5
Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5

Reneesha Rahiman to Evict Akhil Marar, Rinosh George to Save Angeline Mariya, Sagar Surya to Anjuz Rosh Option Was Save the Contestant from Nomination. Shiju Abdul Rasheed Used His Chance to Evict Sruthi Lakshmi, Sobha Viswanath to Evict Vishnu Joshi, Sridevi Menon to evict Junaiz VP, Sruthi Lakshmi to Evict Cerena Ann Johnson and Vishnu Joshi to Save Sridevi Menon.

Aishwarya Suresh, Akhil Marar, Aniyan Midhun, Cerena Ann Johnson , Gopika Gopi, Junaiz VP, Rinosh George, Sruthi Lakshmi and Vishnu Joshi are the Contestants Listed for Nominations.

Bigg Boss Time Asianet Middle East
Bigg Boss Time Asianet Middle East
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