Chumma, Bluffing – Asianet’s Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 First Teaser Out

Mohanlal Host Bigg Boss Season 4 Malayalam, Teaser Out – Chumma, Bluffing

Chumma, Bluffing - Asianet's Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 First Teaser Out
ബിഗ് ബോസ് മലയാളം സീസണ്‍ 4

The first promo of Asianet’s Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 featuring super-star host Mohanlal has been released. In this video, the actor confirms that he will be hosting the show this season too.The teaser starts with two women walking beside a swimming pool. The duo discusses that Mohanlal will not be hosting this season.

Housemates – Naveen Arakkal , Janaki Sudheer, Lakshmi Priya, Robin Radhakrishnan, Dhanya Mary Varghese, Shalini Nair, Jasmine M Moosa, Akhil Kutty, Daisy David, Ronson Vincent, Nimisha , Aswin Vijay, Aparna Mulberry , Sooraj Thelakkad , Blesli, Dilsha Prasannan, Suchithra Nair

Bigg Boss Promo

Further in the video, the actor, who was seen covering his face with a hat, removes the same and says his iconic dialogue from the movie ‘Aaram Thampuran‘. The actor says, ‘Chumma, Bluffing’.Earlier, the makers had released the logo of the season on social media.

Different from the last season, this year’s logo is designed in an attractive crystal theme. Interestingly, the background music of the video seems to be different from the earlier seasons which drops enough hints that there will be an upgrade in the theme music of the show too.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 Logo Unveiled
ബിഗ് ബോസ് മലയാളം സീസണ്‍ 4

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 will premiere towards the end of March

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