Disney Star Country Manager & President, K Madhavan Visits The Different Art Centre In Kerala (DAC)

K Madhavan Visits The Different Art Centre In Kerala (DAC)

K Madhavan at DAC
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The Different Art Centre (DAC), a prestigious project under Kerala Social Security Mission is renowned for its unique approach to empowering children with special needs through art. Recently, the center had the honour of welcoming K Madhavan, Country Manager and President of Disney Star, to explore opportunities to support this inspiring cause.

During his visit, K Madhavan toured the facility, interacted with over a hundred children and engaged in meaningful discussions with Gopinath Muthukad, Founder and Executive Director of the Different Art Centre, and directors, including Mahesh Gupta, Shail Thomas, and Jaya Dali. They discussed potential collaborations to further enhance the impact of center’s programs.

K Madhavan at DAC

His visit underscores Disney Star’s commitment to social responsibility and its support for initiatives that make a positive impact on society. In a significant gesture of support, K Madhavan announced a contribution of INR 1.8 crores from the Disney Star CSR Fund. This contribution will aid in various welfare activities conducted by the Different Art Centre, furthering its mission in identifying, training, and refining the basic talents of differently abled children in various art forms.

The collaboration between Disney Star and the Different Art Centre is poised to bring about significant advancements in the lives of children with special needs, enhancing their artistic talents and overall well-being.

The Different Art Centre

(DAC) is dedicated to educating individuals with special needs in various artistic disciplines, including magic, performing arts, and crafts. The center caters to children with diverse conditions such as cerebral palsy, visual impairment, hearing impairment, autism spectrum disorder, and other intellectual disabilities. DAC provides specialized training to help these children develop their skills and gain confidence through artistic expression.

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