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Kiran TV Full Time Cinema – Kiran Will Now Be A 24 x 7 Movie Channel

Sun network malayalam movie channel – Kiran TV Full Time Cinema

Kiran TV Logo
Kiran TV Logo

Movies have created special moments and memories irrespective of the age and stage of life. That family outing every Sunday to a movie hall, that fighting over the remote with your younger brother for switching to your favourite movie on air, that drop of tear that naturally drips down the cheek when you empathise with the on-screen character, laughing your heart out with a comedy hit that transports you to a worry-free zoneand many more. And for something as close to your heart as this, it is only natural that we bring it even closer to you with an entire channel dedicated to movies spanning across genres.

A dosage of drama, a dollop of romance, a dip of comedy, a dye of thriller and a dash of action all packed into one exclusive movie channel right in your home. From the stable of Sun Group that has the largest repertoire of movie collections in India, Kiran tv will now be a 24 x 7 movie channel from July 14th, 2013 catering to all lovers of cinema to give a non-stop film viewing experience right from the comfort of your home.

Surya Movies
Surya Movies

From catching a Malayalam classic to a cult film to masala madness to new-age cinema, Kiran tv will now unify the varied tastes of the film-buff in you under one channel. Kiran will be premiering for the first time ever in a Malayalam channel with a brand new Tamil film ‘Billa II’ at 5.30 p.m starring the ever suave Ajith Kumar, Kerala’s very own ParvathyOmanakuttan, Manoj K Jayan and Rahman. The channel will pamper the audience with yet another premiere of a refreshing Malayalam super hit Nee..Kho…Nja…Cha… at 8 p.m. befitting the launch of a complete movie-based channel. For those who’d like to check on the catalog of scheduled films for the week to block your time for us, we’re just a click away at

So tune in to Kiran tv and be entertained, be moved, be spoilt for choice with our most diverse and enjoyable line-up of Malayalam, Tamil and Hollywood films round the clock, round the year. Presenting to you, Kiran – Full time Cinema.

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1 thought on “Kiran TV Full Time Cinema – Kiran Will Now Be A 24 x 7 Movie Channel”


    Why is it that malayalam channels show tamil songs, serials and movies and that too without dubbing. If someone wants to see a tamil movie in tamil will he not switch to a tamil channel ????

    What is the use of a tamil Nadu company making a malayalam channel ? To propogate tamil in kerala?

    Keralites think tamilians are superior to them and all are wanna be tamilians. They think tamilians and tamil are cool. When Tamilian channels show hollywood, malayalam channels show tamil movies as the great big thing in this world. All i can say is loser Mallu’s.


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