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Kochu TV Program Schedule – Monday to Friday, Cartoon Shows In Malayalam

Malayalam Cartoon Shows – Kochu TV Program Schedule Download

Dorayude prayanam, detective rajappan, sturat little etc are popular in kochu tv program schedule. Within short period this channel become very popular in kids. birthday wishes by kochu tv is one of the most popular show.

Kochu TV Program Schedule Download
Anna Kathakal

Malayalam Kids Shows – kochu tv all cartoons list

00:00 Anna Kathakal
00:30 Super Why
01:00 Gloria’s House
01:30 Ammuvum Appuvum
02:00 Godzilla – Mega
02:30 Stuart Little – Mega
03:00 Dosth Bada Dosth
03:30 Toopy And Binoo
04:00 Haroldum Magic Pencilum
04:30 Spiderman
05:00 Toon Kusruthikal
05:30 Jumanji
06:00 Max Steel
06:30 He- Man
07:00 Magic Wonder Land
07:25 Kochu Varthagal
07:30 Astro Boy
08:00 Happy Birthday
08:05 Toopy And Binoo
08:30 Toon Thamasha
09:00 Jakie Chan
09:30 Dosth Bada Dosth
10:00 Mayakannan
10:30 Tinku Speaking
11:00 Super Why
11:30 Casper And Friends
12:00 Abi And Ebi
12:15 Anna Kathakal
12:30 Gulumaal Babu
13:00 Happy Birthday
13:05 Bumba

Kochu TV Programs
Kids Channel in Malayalam

13:10 Enthu?Evide?Engane?
13:30 Haroldum Magic Pencilum
14:00 Super Suji
14:30 Hariyude Magic Book
15:00 Samurai
15:30 Astro Boy
16:00 Jakie Chan
16:30 Stuart Little
17:00 Gloria’s House
17:30 Spiderman
18:00 Ammuvum Appuvum

18:30 Sindubadum Albudhadweepum
19:00 Lilly
19:30 Men in Black
20:00 Magic Wonderland
20:30 Jumanji
21:00 Funniest Pets And People
21:30 Toon Thamasha
22:00 Jee Boomba
22:30 Tinku Speaking
23:00 Gulumaal Babu
23:30 Astro Boy

dorayude prayanam
dorayude prayanam
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10 thoughts on “Kochu TV Program Schedule – Monday to Friday, Cartoon Shows In Malayalam”

  1. Kochu TV can you return old cartoon please we are waiting for the nostu cartoons like :Mayakannan,marsupilami, dragon booster,dost bada dost, sturet little and more and can you please add some movies like old movies.Please Kochu TV


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