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MM TV or Manorama News is a 24-hour Malayalam news channel owned and operated by the Malayala Manorama news house. The company is headquartered in Kottayam. The channel was launched on August 17, 2006, which coincides with the Malayalam New Year. The channel was launched with the assistance of media consultanting company Mediaguru Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

reception from Insat 4A

The thirty minute simultaneous newscast of regional news, the Nattuvartha, from three regions of Kerala, viz. Malabar region, Central Kerala and Trivandrum was done for the first time in the country. Also, the exclusivity includes separate persons for daily programmes, which include entertainment, business and crime which is new in Malayalam.The Chief Editor of the channel is Johny Lukose and he also anchors a programme “Nere Chove”.


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  1. Sir,

    I am a student who travels to and fro to my college with concession rights.This mail is to bring to your and through you to government’s notice the difficulties faced by students traveling in private buses (though not all but most of them) and injustices shown to us.
    1.We are not allowed to enter the bus from the bus stand until the engine starts .
    2.We are not permitted to be seated even if the seats are vacant.
    3 From bus stops we could enter the bus only after the so-called ‘full -ticket ‘ passengers enter the bus.
    4.Even if a few students display courage to sit in vacant seats,we would be asked to vacate the seat when a full-ticket passenger enters the bus irrespective of the age of the passenger.
    5 Crew of buses behave in a rather contemptuous way to the students who travel on concession ,especially girls .
    6 Even the elder passengers in buses have a notion that students who are entitled to travel on concession are lesser human beings and are compelled to stand with heavy bags on our shoulders whether it’s fresh mornings or tiresome evenings.

    I strongly believe that a channel probe into this matter would change the situation which has become a daily chore.I would also like to request you to make aware the public the traveling rights that the government stipulates and a student is entitled to enjoy and encourage the society to respond to such unjust treatments.

    It is also the responsibility of the youth to show respect by vacating their seats for the weak ,the elderly and the mothers with sucklings.

    I most earnestly request you to take notice of my plea and do the needful for the student community.I hope my identity would remain undisclosed.

    Yours sincerely,
    Deepa Tojan

  2. i am year old.on my way to chengannoor in the bus i saw that some of students in Btech are discussing about a question paper.yesterday was was today’s MG university seventh semester exam’ question ,i saw the of them said that the question had been get to him by paying 10000 rs.they all shared the money for it,almost 7 or 8 students are them with ash colour uniform.i just suprised about the source from which it can get.because i didnt know later,other wise i can do the same way when i am studying.subject name was ‘VLSI’ or just like to that.btech degree examination november this available in all university.i want to know the source from which getting question papers before the exams

  3. mg university rockks for doing such things for students .november 13 2014 question seen by how much can be do again like this


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