Mohanlal Spreads Awareness On Organ Donation, ‘Says I Have Already Signed My Whole Body For Donation

Bigg Boss Malayalam 6: Host Mohanlal Spreads Awareness On Organ Donation

Mohanlal About Organ Donation
Organ Donation Lalettan

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 took an unexpectedly poignant turn as host Mohanlal seized the platform to raise awareness about organ donation. Amidst the usual drama and conflict, viewers were treated to a heartfelt performance by contestants Sreerekha and Sibin, shedding light on the profound impact of organ donation.

Their emotional act depicted a mother visiting the recipient of her deceased son’s heart, leaving both viewers and fellow participants in tears. Touched by the powerful message conveyed, Mohanlal commended the participants for their contribution in spreading awareness on this crucial issue.

Mohanlal – Organ Donation

“What a beautiful act it was. You have spread such a great message about organ donation to society,” Mohan lal commented during the weekend episode. “I have signed my entire body for donation. I also have an award from IMA for registering the largest number of eye donors.”

The veteran actor turned presenter went on to address common misconceptions surrounding organ donation, emphasizing the importance of altruism and the profound impact it can have on saving lives. “Many people still have inhibitions about organ donation. If we die, all the organs will be useless. But if they can reach the needy, it will help them. That is the greatest humanity, I would say,” Mohanlal stated.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 6

Recognizing the importance of vision, Mohanlal emphasized the transformative power of donating eyes, saying, “We see with two eyes, the same can give vision to two.”
This unexpected moment of reflection on a reality show platform highlights the potential of media to spark meaningful conversations and promote positive societal change.

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