NAK Seaon 4 (Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran Season 4) Coming Soon On Asianet

NAK Seaon 4 Coming Soon Promo Started On Asianet

nak seaon 4 on asainet
nak seaon 4 on asainet

NAK Seaon 4 aka Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran Season 4 Coming Soon Promo Started On Asianet Channel. After completing the successful 3 seasons, asianet is ready for it’s next season. call for entry questions of nak 4 will soon air on asianet. if you are interested to participate in Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran Season 4, please wait for the questions. malayalam film actor suresh gopi was the anchor of nak for the past three seasons. all asking about the host name of ningalkkum aakam kodeeswaran 4. suresh gopi will continue or any other person coming for the latest season of nak. we can wait few more days for the answer of this question.

Asianet is the most popular malayalam tv channel, all the seasons of nak well received by keralites. wait is over for the 4th season of malayalam kodeeswaran. nak is the malayalam version of popular game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. It’s tamil version neengalum vellalam oru kodi season 4 started on star vijay. You need to wait for the more details of Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran malayalam game show. registration questions, launch date, telecast time, anchor details etc of nak will be update here very soon.

History of Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran

1st season of nak – 9 April 2012 and ended 30 August 2012
Nak season 2 – 4 March 2013 – 18 July 2013
3rd Season of nak – 29 December 2014 – 20 June 2015
4th season of nak – ?

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16 thoughts on “NAK Seaon 4 (Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran Season 4) Coming Soon On Asianet”

  1. It is quite unfortunate that the participation in the NAK Season 4 programme is restricted to people upto the age of 60 years. This is a clear case of injustice and discrimination to senior citizens! Have the senior citizens become incompetent and lost all their memory and knowledge? Or is it that they should not become kodeeswaran any more?

    I put on record my protest against this discrimination. Please tell me a single valid reason for such a decision on the part of Asianet and the sponsors of the programme.

    e-mail: kunhikrishnan1949(at)


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