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Festive rituals, traditional cuisine, vibrant decorations, dance and music are all integral parts of Onam celebrations. The people of Kerala celebrate this day, which signifies the home coming of King Mahabali, in all grandeur. Keeping up with the tradition, Kochu TV has lined up a bouquet of special programs and events beginning September 6 to 16th. This 10-day merriment will commence with a daylong carnival at Mall of Joy in Thrissur.

Kids Onam celebrations

Quintessence Onam Panchavatiam will welcome the Kochu tv audience who visit the mall. Onampookalam, fun games with Singoo and Pink Panther, fashion show for children, Pulikali contest, face painting and a stand up comedy performance by noted comedian Nanda Kishore await the visitors. For those who tune into the channel, special shows and gifts will descend at their homes. Hollywood film festival will comprise of prominent movies like Harry potter, Tron legacy, Air Bud, Herbie, Air force and muppets.


Onam Programs On Kochu TV
Onam Programs On Kochu TV

This ten-day film carnival Onam Programs On Kochu TV will be aired at 5.30 pm. Mornings will welcome the little audience with animated movies like Hotel Transylvania, Smurfs 2, Monster house and water horse. Kunjona Sadhyaum Kochu Nakshtrangalam will feature endearing Kochu audience enjoying Onam Sadhya along with young celebrities. Festivities and gifts are inseparable and Kochu tv knows it well.

So what to expect from the channel this Onam? Gold coins and custom made assorted gift hampers specially wrapped in a golden basket is shining in all glory, waiting to be delivered to the winners of the 10-day contest. Kochu tv’s heartfelt Onam Ashamsakal is not just about wishes after all!

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