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Online Voting Of Bigg Boss Season 4 Malayalam Via Hotstar Application

Support Your Favorite Contestant Via Bigg Boss 4 Online Voting

Online Voting Of Bigg Boss Season 4 Malayalam Via Hotstar Application
Voting for Bigg Boss Show

Voting for today is now open, Today’s voting closes by midnight. You can see this message on Disney+Hotstar Application, (ബിഗ്‌ ബോസ് ഓണ്‍ലൈന്‍ വോട്ടിംഗ്) Once you installed the app from play store. Login to the OTT Platform and from Menu Select > Channels > Asianet > Bigg Boss Season 4 Malayalam. You see the Online Vote on the screen, each users have daily 50 votes. Voting Mechanism is as Like previous seasons. You can divide your daily quota to more contestants. Please remember that Asianet will only count Vote via Disney+Hotstar Application . Your Bigg Boss online voting via 3rd Party websites will not reflect on original system.

Reneesha Rahiman, Rinosh George, Cerena Ann Johnson , Sobha Viswanath, Sagar Surya, Vishnu Joshi, Angeline Mariya, Sridevi Menon, Junaiz VP​, Akhil Marar, Anjuz Rosh, Maneesha K S, Aniyan Midhun, Nadira Mehrin, Aishwarya Suresh, Shiju Abdul Rasheed, Sruthi Lakshmi , Gopika Gopi Are the Participants of Bigg Boss Season 5 Malayalam.

Muhammad Diligent Blesslee, Dhanya Mary Varghese, Dilsha Prasannan , Lakshmi Priya , Sooraj Thelakkad, Riyas Salim are the Finalists of Bigg Boss Season 4 Malayalam – Grand Finale Telecast on Sunday, 3rd July at 07:00 P:M on Asianet.

Bigg Boss Voting

Ones you find the ” Vote ” now tab with green button, there will be a message displayed as ” Voting for today is open now, will close at mid night “. This message indicates that you can cast the same now, also you have 50 votes remaining per day. Select your favorite Bigg Boss 4 Malayalam Contestant and give some vote to Him/her. You can double click profile picture to increase the vote count. After giving votes to contestants click done button to finish the Bigg Boss 4 Online Voting.

Bigg Boss Season 4 Participants
Bigg Boss Season 4 Participants

Naveen Arakkal , Janaki Sudheer, Lakshmi Priya, Robin Radhakrishnan, Dhanya Mary Varghese, Shalini Nair, Jasmine M Moosa, Akhil Kutty, Daisy David, Ronson Vincent, Nimisha , Aswin Vijay, Aparna Mulberry , Sooraj Thelakkad , Blesli, Dilsha Prasannan, Suchithra Nair are the contestants

Questions About Online Voting Bigg Boss

Can I vote to more than one contestants ?, I have many favorite housemates

Yes, you can see the above picture and you can see that in demo we have divided the same to all. your total number 50 votes can give to any contestant, once you click on done button voting will be finished.

Why Bigg Boss Malayalam Online Voting is not showing in my device ?

As mentioned above it will appear during voting time only and they will close it after mid night. Online voting time of Bigg Boss Season 4 Malayalam can be  check through Disney+Hotstar Application, you will get the notifications like Voting Open Tonight at 10:30 P:M. Please be remember that voting via 3rd Party, Fan made websites etc not reflects in official voting system. Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Full Episode , Live Streaming, Online Voting only Available through Disney+Hotstar OTT Application.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Live
Bigg Boss Malayalam Live Streaming
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