Say No to Dowry & Abuse – Asianet And Mathrubhumi Collaborate For An Awareness Drive

Integrate with Grihalakshmi’s Say No to Dowry & Abuse Campaign, Led by Neeraja Mahadevan

Say No to Dowry & Abuse
No to Dowry & Abuse Awareness Drive

Asianet has always been in the vanguard for inspiring generations of women through their women-centric serials.  As a socially responsible brand, Asianet has often stood by women’s concerns through its content line-up. Women protagonists from Asianet’s soaps have broken societal stereotypes and continue to inspire a deluge of fans who follow them. Grihalakshmi magazine, published by the Mathrubhumi group, is undeniably one of the most loved magazines by women in Kerala. Both the revolutionary brands have collaborated to raise awareness about the dowry through an impactful campaign ‘Say No to Dowry & Abuse’.

No Dowry Campaign

While many may consider harassment in the name of dowry a thing of the past, recent events have demonstrated the continued prevalence of the social evil. The media has a significant role to play in raising awareness on this issue. In support of this campaign, Asianet seeds the thought against dowry in one of its leading serials, ‘Ammayariyathe,’ when the main character sparks the conversation about the repercussions of the dowry system. With visual interpretations, Asianet effortlessly delivered the message to family audiences. The integration only adds to the overwhelming support shown by Malayalees towards Grihalakshmi’s fight against dowry and domestic abuse.

The protagonist, Neeraja Mahadevan, portraying the role of an author and daughter of the Ex-Mayor in the serial Ammaariyathe not only delivers the message but also expresses her intent to pen down an article for raising awareness.  The August 2nd issue of the Grihalakshmi, which did hit the stands on 14th August  featured Neeraja Mahadevan‘s article in favour of the “Say No to Dowry & Abuse” campaign. “This is expected to create a multiplier effect that will increase the touchpoints of engagements. We look forward to many such similar associations in the near future too,” said Mr. O.R. Ramachandran-Executive Editor (Periodicals & Digital) Mathrubhumi.

Asianet and Mathrubhumi, the two prominent media houses in Kerala associating for the cause of social good, has given the ‘Say No to Dowry & Abuse’campaign the importance it deserves today.

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