Surya TV Serials Kanyadanam, Kaliveedu, Swantham Sujatha Now 7 Days in a Week

Updated Telecast Time of Surya TV Serials

Surya TV Serials Telecast Time
സൂര്യാ ടിവി സീരിയലുകള്‍

Leading Malayalam GEC Surya TV Showing 3 Fictions Everyday from 6th March Onward’s. Kanyadanam, Kaliveedu, Swantham Sujatha Extended to 7 Days in a Week from 6th March. Kanyadanam Will Be Air Monday to Sunday at 08:30 P:M, Kaliveedu at 09:00 P:M and Swantham Sujatha at 09:30 P:M. After a long Surya TV Serials doing steady Performance at TRP Chart. ഇനി 6 അല്ല 7 ദിവസവും ആസ്വദിക്കാം! കന്യാദാനം, കളിവീട്, സ്വന്തം സുജാത പരമ്പരകൾ മാർച്ച് 6 മുതൽ എല്ലാ ദിവസവും.

Surya TV Serials Rating

Kaliveedu – 1.98
Kanyadhanam – 1.69
Swantham Sujatha – 1.63
Manassinakkare – 1.02
Kana Kanmani – 0.81
Sundari – 0.65
Ente Mathavu – 0.52
Thingalkalaman – 0.50
Jyothi – 0.24

Swantham Sujatha Serial
സ്വന്തം സുജാത

Surya TV Schedule

Time Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
05.00 A:M Ente Mathavu Movie
05.30 A:M Thingalkalaman
06.00 A:M Celluloid Laughing Villa – I Celluloid
06.30 A:M Miracle In Rosary Amrithadhara Subharambham
07.00 A:M Ente Mathavu Subharambham
07.30 A:M Thingalkalaman Celluloid
08.00 A:M Kanakanmani Morning
08.30 A:M Manassinakkare
09.00 A:M Morning
12.00 P:M Kanyadanam
12.30 P:M Kaliveedu
01.00 P:M Swantham Sujatha
01.30 P:M Sundari
02.00 P:M Matinee
05.00 P:M Kidilan Kinnaram
05.30 P:M Nandini Evening
06.00 P:M Ente Mathavu
06.30 P:M Thingalkalaman
07.00 P:M Sundari
07.30 P:M Manassinakkare
08.00 P:M Kana Kanmani
08.30 P:M Kanyadanam
09.00 P:M Kaliveedu
09.30 P:M Swantham Sujatha
10.00 P:M Thingalkalaman Jyothi
10.30 P:M Ente Mathavu Movie
Surya TV Programs
Surya TV Programs
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