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Top Singer Season 3 Grand Finale On Flowers TV, 29th August At 11:00 AM to 11 PM – Flowers TV Onam Special Prorgams

Onam Specials On Flowers TV Are Pullipulikalum Chakochanum, Star Magic With Dileep , Top Singer Season 3 Grand Finale

Top Singer Season 3 Grand Finale On Flowers TV
Top Singer Season 3 Grand Finale On Flowers TV

Onamelavumayi Chakkapazham, Star Magic Onam, Penamanassu Kavarunna Gopalakrishnan, Pullipulikalum Chakochanum, Top Singer Season 3 Grand Finale Are The Special Shows On Flowers TV.

Channel Also Telecast The Programs Chakkapazham Onam Episode, Chakkapazham Onam Episode, Flowers Star Onam, Kaduvaye Kiduva Pidichu ( Humourous Talk Show With Sreekandan Nair) , Top Singer 2019 Mohanlal, MyG Flowers Mass Onam. Here Is The Complete List Of Flowers Channel For Pooradam To Chathayam Of The Channel.

Pooradam – 27 August

The Day Start With Onathinidakk Uppum Mulakum At 08:30 Followed By Onamelavumayi Chakkapazham At 10:30 And Star Magic Onam At 11:30. Penamanassu Kavarunna Gopalakrishnan Scheduled At 01:30, Star Magic Onam Episode At 04:00 And Pullipulikalum Chakochanum Show Telecasting At 06:00 To 10:00.

Uthradam – 28 August

Pullipulikalum Chakochanum Repeat Telecast At 08:30 To 01:00 On Flowers TV At Uthradam Day, Followed By Chakkapazham Onam Episode At 01:00 And Uppum Mulakum Onam Episode. Flowers Star Onam And Star With Magic Dileep At 06:00 Are The Other Onam Special Shows Of Flowers On Uthradam Day.

Pullipulikalum Chakochanum
Onam Programs on TV

Thiruvonam – 28 August

ഈ പൊന്നോണ നാളിൽ താരസമ്പന്നമായ ദൃശ്യവിസ്മയവുമായി ഫ്‌ളവേഴ്‌സ്…!!!, The Day Start With Kaduvaye Kiduva Pidichu , Humourous Talk Show With Sreekandan Nair At 08:00 Followed By The Grand Finale Telecast Of Reality Show Top Singer Season 3 (11:00 – 11:00 ). Kaduvaye Kiduva Pidichu Repeat Telecast Scheduled After The Grand Finale Of Top Singer Show.

Avittam Day – 30 August

Flowers TV Onam Special Show Oru Kidukkachi Uppum Mulakum Onam Will Telecast At Avittam Day, Top Singer Mohanlal, Chakkapazhathil Uppum Mulakum, Star Magic With Dileep (Repeat) , MyG Flowers Mass Onam, Star Magic Jayasurya Are The Other Shows On Avittam Day.

Chathayam Day – 31 August

Chakkapazham Onam Episode, Uppum Mulakum Onam Episode, Kaduvaye Kiduva Pidichu, Flowers Star Onam, Star Magic Onam Episode, Chakkapazham, Kumkumacheppu With Story So Far, Top Singer Season 3 Edited Part 1, Sukhamo Devi Are The Chathayam Day Shows On Flowers TV.

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