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Vanita Ratnam – Grand Finale Telecast On Amrita TV – 20th October 2013 at 2.00 P.M

Vanita Ratnam
Vanita Ratnam

Amrita TV’s viewers will be in for a spectacular visual treat when the Grand Finale of Amrita TV’s Vanita Ratnam, that is slated for telecast on October 20th goes on air at at 2 pm.

The legendary show for young women that had been on the front burner of audience attention since its launch, catapulted 21 sprightly contestants into the limelight.

4 out of the lot – Dhanya Suresh, Krishnanjaly Sashin,Vijitha KV and Teena Tino made it to the finals through a hard fought league of rounds ,to reach the threshold of celebrity hood.

The foursome who were locked in a rectangular joust have their foot in the doorway to fame and riches that includes prizes worth more than 1 crore, with a swanky new apartment worth a staggering 75 lakhs earmarked for the winner.

As the competitors wait in a flurry of excitement , each determined to make the glittering tiara their own, the nail biting finish will unfold over 3 demanding rounds:

The Multiform Round will tax their ingenuity by demanding them to perform a classic dance medley consisting of a complex blend of traditional and folk forms based on a central theme and set to appropriate music, in which the participants will in their turn enact the Dasavtharam, the entire narrative of Kumaranasan’s Karuna, the tale of Ganapathy and the evolution of the dance forms of the world.

The Solo Satire Round, a comedy skit built around a social or political leitmotif of current interest, in which each participant has to portray all the roles herself, dubbing beforehand for each character, in accordance with their personality.

Finishing off on a psychological note is the Persona Round, a personality assessment session where each contestant has to face a barrage of questions from the judges’ panel consisting of permanent jury members Murali Menon, Sithara and special guest Menaka Suresh; their answers will hold the mirror up to their nature, temperament and individuality.

As the contestants go for the gold before an elite audience consisting of the likes of Shashi Tharoor, actress Lena and a dusting of other stars, who amongst the contestants will bedeck herself with the sparkling tiara, aided by a clutch of gripping performances and a push from Lady Luck –will be revealed only on Sunday, October 20th .

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