Vishu Premier Movie on Asianet, World Television Premiere of Neru Movie on 14 April at 05:30 PM

Asianet Presents, World Television Premiere of Superhit Movie Neru on Vishu Day

Asianet Vishu Premier Movie
Neru on Asianet

Asianet, the leading Malayalam television channel, is delighted to announce the world television premiere of the highly anticipated Malayalam movie “Neru” on Vishu Day, April 14, 2024, at 5:30 PM.

“Neru” marks another captivating collaboration between acclaimed director Jeethu Joseph and the legendary actor Mohanlal. Written by Santhi Mayadevi and Jeethu Joseph, the movie promises to enthrall audiences with its gripping storyline and stellar performances.

Asianet Vishu Films

“Neru” unfolds the compelling tale of Sara, a blind sculpture artist, who embarks on a quest for justice following a harrowing incident. Set against the backdrop of the Indian legal system, the film takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ride, exploring themes of deceit, redemption, and resilience.

Anaswara Rajan delivers a remarkable performance as Sara, while Mohanlal portrays the character of Advocate Vijayamohan with his trademark brilliance. The movie boasts an ensemble cast including Siddique, Priyamani, Jagadish, Sreedhanya, Ganesh Kumar, Sankar Induchoodan, Aditi Ravi, Nandhu, Resmi Anil, Harikrishnan, Krishna Prabha, Dinesh Prabhakar, and Poojappura Radhakrishnan. “Neru” is produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the banner of Aashirvad Cinemas.

14 April – Asianet Schedule

Both critics and audiences alike have praised the film for its compelling storytelling and exceptional performances. Jeethu Joseph’s direction has garnered widespread acclaim, while Anaswara Rajan’s portrayal of Sara has been hailed for its depth and conviction, captivating viewers from start to finish.

Don’t miss the world television premiere of “Neru” on Vishu Day, April 14, 2024, at 5:30 PM, exclusively on Asianet. Experience the magic of storytelling and the power of performances like never before.

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