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WhatsApp calling feature – how to enable it on your phone

how to enable WhatsApp calling feature on your android smartphone

WhatsApp calling feature
WhatsApp calling feature

whatsapp is one of the most popular app used by world wide. they enabled the calling feature on it and users of whatsapp can use this. if you have a friend got the calling feature you can ask his help to enable the calling feature. you need to get a call from your friend who already has the calling feature. whatsapp now is not only for typing it’s the time for calling. once you got the whatsapp call from your friend its will ask for a update.

currently whatsapp testing the calling feature very soon all the users will get this update. at this time they are testing and fixing the bugs of the calling feature. android lollypop is not must for enabling the feature. you can check the calling feature whatsapp even on jellybean version. you must use the Version 2.11.531 of whatsapp for enabing the calling feature. this version is available on official whatsapp website. WhatsApp 2.11.531 can be downloaded from webistes and you can install it.

some of our friends tested this on various android devices. they found that the calling feature if working fine on Motorola, Nexux, Rooted Xiomi devices and not working on Samsung, Lenovo, OPO devices. there is no info available for sony devices to use this trick. be patent and you will get the whatsapp calling feature on your phone.

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