kairali tv schedule programme – telecast time of puttum kattanum, kudumba kodathi

prime time programs – kairali tv schedule

There is some major changes in programs schedule of malayalam gec kairali tv, as per latest barc trp they are now at 6th position. only amrita tv ahead them, zee keralam is now at 5th position. channel getting total grp of 100+ now, we can see a drop of 30-40 points from previous week. they are mainly getting trp from tamil dubbed films, only few serials airing in prime time slot. cid serial kairali getting average ratings, Kudumba Kodathi , Ollathu Paranjaal and Puttum Kattanum are airing in prime time.

ullathu paranjal kairali tv show
ullathu paranjal kairali tv show

Malayalam GEC Programs

Loud Speaker – It’s one of the popular show on kairali tv, getting decent trp ratings every week. airing every monday to thursday at 7.00 p.m, repeat happening thursday to sunday at 6.00 A.M and monday to thursday at 11.30 A.m, 4.30 P.M etc.

Ollathu Paranjaal airing at 7.30 p.m, one of the major kairali tv schedule programme. cid malayalam detective serial airing after this at 8.00 p.m. Puttum Kattanum telecast on mnoday to wednesday at 9.00 p.m, JB Junction and Njan Malayalee in other days at this time slot.

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06.00 A.M Kudumba Kodathi – Serial Loud Speaker
06.30 A.M Flavours of India Chiri Arangu – Filmy Comedy Puttum Kattanum – Comedy Show VerittaKazchagal
07.00 A.M Khalli Walli – comedy Serial USA Weekly News
07.30 A.M American Focus Ollathu Paranjaal Amchi Mumbai (ts)
08.00 A.M Njan Malayalee JB Junction – John Brittas Show kairali tv schedule Pravasalokam Chiri Arangu – Filmy Comedy Fresh N Hits
08.30 A.M Magic Oven Shoot N Show Feature Film
09.00 A.M CID – Detective Serial Feature Film Feature Film
09.30 A.M
10.00 A.M CID – Detective Serial Puttum Kattanum – Comedy Show kairali tv schedule
10.30 A.M
11.00 A.M Ollathu Paranjaal
11.30 A.M Loud Speaker Magic Oven
12.00 Noon Malayalam Feature Film
03.00 P.M Kerala Lottery – LIVE at kairali tv schedule
04.00 P.M Ollathu Paranjaal Malayalam Feature Film Ollathu Paranjaal
04.30 P.M Loud Speaker Malayalam Feature Film
05.00 P.M Flavours of Arabia
05.30 P.M Chiri Arangu – Filmy Comedy
06.00 P.M Puttum Kattanum – Comedy Show
06.30 P.M
07.00 P.M Loud Speaker T
07.30 P.M Ollathu Paranjaal T Puttum Kattanum – Comedy Show
08.00 P.M CID – Detective Serial T
08.30 P.M Flavours of India T
09.00 P.M Puttum Kattanum – Comedy Show T JB Junction T John Brittas Show Njan Malayalee T
09.30 P.M
10.00 P.M Kudumba Kodathi – Serial Khalli Walli – comedy Serial T
10.30 P.M Loud Speaker Ollathu Paranjaal
11.00 P.M Mid Night Movie Pravasalokam Mid Night Movie
11.30 P.M Mid Night Movie
00.00 A.M
00.30 A.M
01.00 A.M
01.30 A.M Ollathu Paranjaal Gulf Focus American focus USA Weekly News
02.00 A.M Malayalam Feature Film Repeat of 12 Noon movie
04.30 A.M Comedy Band
05.35 A.M Khalli Walli – Comedy Serial
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