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Robin Radhakrishnan Ejected from Bigg Boss Season 4 – Affect TRP Ratings

Absence of Robin Radhakrishnan Affect TRP of Bigg Boss Season 4

Robin Radhakrishnan Bigg Boss
ഡോ. റോബിന്‍ രാധാകൃഷ്ണന്‍

Dr. Robin one of the Favorite Contestant of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Was ejected from the show for violating the rules. This will Affect TRP of the Show ? , We need to wait more for getting the Answer. TRP Reports is not Instant, It’s Publishing Weekly and Current Television rating Points only getting after 1-2 Weeks. On Day 68 , Jasmine M Moosa walked out of the Bigg Boss house and Next Day (69) House ejected Robin Radhakrishnan.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Nominations List Week 11 – Akhil BS, Mohammed Blesslee, Lakshmi Priya , Riyas Salim, Ronson Vincent , Sooraj A and Vinay Madhav R

Bigg Boss TRP

Same Kind incident Happened in Season 2 of the Show, Dr Rajath Kumar ejected on Day 69 from the Show. Rajath Earned large fan base and His Fans Boycott Asianet and Big Boss Season 2. But It’s not Affected the TRP of Bigg Boss Show Malayalam. Season 2 of Bigg Boss Cancelled due to Covid Pandemic Situations. 4th Season of the Show is Currently Going On, Disney+Hotstar Application Showing Live Streaming, Its the Official Online Voting Application.

Dhanya Mary Varghese is the Current House Captain (Week 11), There Where no Evictions in Week 10 of the Show. Akhil, Blesslee, Dhanya, Dilsha, Lakshmi, Riyas, Ronson, Sooraj and Vinay are in Bigg Boss Season 4 Now. Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan was the Latest Contestant Removed from the Show. Mounaragam Asianet Serial Completed 600+ Episodes, As Per TRP Reports Kudumbavilakku is the Most Popular Malayalam Program.

Asianet TVR
Kudumbavilakku 18.68
Ammayariyathe 18.43
Santhwanam 17.84
Mounaragam 14.29
Koodevide 12.14
Bigg Boss 8.70
Sasneham 7.82
Minnal Murali 6.27
Star Singer The Epic Show 5.28
Bigg Boss Plus 5.00
Daya 3.74
Best Of Comedy Stars-3 1.29
Jasmine M Moosa Walked Out from Bigg Boss Season 4
ജാസ്മിൻ ഷോയിൽ നിന്നും ക്വിറ്റ് ചെയ്തതിനെ നിങ്ങള്‍ അനുകൂലിക്കുന്നുണ്ടോ ?
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3 thoughts on “Robin Radhakrishnan Ejected from Bigg Boss Season 4 – Affect TRP Ratings”

  1. Robin’s eviction is unwarranted and unjustifiable. I removed Asianet channel itself from my TV channels.

    • He had to be evicted for “assault” there is no place for violence ,remember froze ( husband & wife team ) of last season he too was evicted even though he dint assault anyone ! This is. Not an easy place to stay ..u need to keep ur sanity if he or anyone comes back ! It will set of a precinct assault and come back on show ..its not allowed oral violence is allowed if you can take it ..but not physcial

    • If this is an assault then what do you say about Sabumon’s action towards Hima in Season 1? That was a more complicated and life threatening issue and no action was taken against him. Wasn’t that too against the so called law? He wasn’t ejected and rather it was he who won the title. This very big issue occurred right from the beginning of the show. Now just a reflex defence turned out to be a super “assault” which is so mean. Sorry, this couldn’t be taken as such a serious issue.


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